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Blanc Maison Etna

etna romance Blanc Maison Etna

Relais & Charme was born from a “lightning strike” moment for the Samperi family, who wandered around for a long time before finding the right place to make “home” and give life to a long-held dream. The restoration project was demanding and Blanc Maison Etna only finally became a reality after six years of work. Now, Giuseppe, Patrizia and their 3 children, in love with the location, surrounded by greenery, on the slopes of Mount Etna, have managed to transform the first floor into their home and the ground floor into a haven for tourists looking for “Relais” and “Charme” (a “stopover” full of “charm”).

Crossing the threshold of the “BLANC MAISON ETNA” B&B you can immediately see and feel the passion of the Samperi family for shabby chic furnishings,
which makes the rooms extremely comfortable and refined, with clear attention to detail.

A true shabby idyll with touches of Provence, conveying warmth and romance, nestled on the slopes of Etna: Blanc Maison Etna Relais & Charme overlooks the picturesque village of Nicolosi, with a view of the great volcano that, in all its majesty, looms over it, providing enchanting scenery, with colours, smells and notes that characterise every season of the year.

Blanc Maison Etna, a large white house, renovated with love and good taste, lies on a beautiful park, with flowers and ornamental plants, a solarium with swimming pool, cosy reading corners, a jogging track, lots of fresh air and, finally, a convenient parking lot.


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etna romance


Etna Romance

"Etna Romance" project is inspired to the naturalistic itineraries walked by the writers and the artists of the Romantic age, who have left memories of this experience.

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