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Etna Romance

Volcanos have always produced emotion in human mind, for the eruptions or the bursts which make you feel terrified and fashinated at the same time.
Etna volcano is the highest active Volcano in Europe and it is Sicilia’s emblem.

It is named also “Mongibello” and many authors of the eighteenth and nineteenth century took the inspiration from its frightening atmosphere.
Getting close to the summit the wonder gets stronger and it gives you the sensation you can dominate the old and endless world of Homer, Virgil, Ovid and Theocritus.

"Etna Romance" project is inspired to the naturalistic itineraries walked by the writers and the artists of the Romantic age, who have left memories of this experience.

The project is sponsored by a partnership of public and private institutions: Etna Tourism (Lead Partner), City of Nicolosi, Municipality of Saint Alfio, Guide Alpine Etna Sud Group, Monti Rossi Adventure Park, Under The Volcano House, Mu.Pa -Restaurant Old Garden of Lemons, Sichelia Travel, Guest House Ai Tre Parchi.