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The One-hundred horses chestnut tree in S. Alfio

etna romance itinerari the-one-hundred-horses-chestnut-tree-in-s-alfio

It is considered one of the oldest and largest trees in the world. It takes its name from the legend which is about the Queen D’Angio who took shelter for her together with one-hundred knights and one-hundred horses under the big frondes of this famous tree.

Thanks to its 2000 years, the chestnut is the oldest tree in Europe. This natural monument is described by Dumas in his novel “Pascal Bruno” in which the bandit of Val Demona meet, inside the empty trunk, the Prince of Butera to take the ransom.

Difficulty level

T- Tourist

Difference in altitude -
Travel time

30 m

Recommended clothing Normal
Height 710 meters above sea level



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