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Romantic caves - The snow cave

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The route has a low level of difficulty without objective danger or lapillus risk, without tecnical difficulty or bottlenecks, the visiting time is within 3 hours (included the approach)

During the Romantic period, the cave had already been used as a snowdrift,  and at various stages it was modified to improve its functionality. In fact, three wells were dug  to fill the snow cavity. 

The cavity has two easy entrances: in one entrance there are some stairs which have been dug from the stone to facilitate the access . The other entrance, consists of a sloping trench that was probably used at that time to allow the access of the mules for the snow transport.

In 1784, during his romantic tour in Italy, J. Houel documented the activities and the places in his painting "La Grotta à la neige" (the cave in the snow) today exhibited at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia).

Difficulty level


Difference in altitude 4 m
Travel time

1 h

Recommended clothing technical clothing
Height 1560 meters above sea level



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