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Romantic caves - The long cave

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The route has a low level of difficulty without objective danger or lapillus risk, without tecnical difficulty or bottlenecks, the visiting time is within 3 hours (included the approach)

Among the hundred caves of Etna’s lava flows, the “Grotta Lunga” (Long Cave) is characterized by  a six-pointed arch and extends for about 55m. The lava tube was probably formed during the eruption of the volcanic apparatus of Monpeloso formed in 252-253 d.C.

The cave entrance is located a few meters upstream of the entrance to the road from which a small footpath rises up in a slight hill. There are several typical speleothems of the lava flow caves and if you are lucky you can also find bats resting in the darkness of the natural cavity.

Difficulty level


Difference in altitude -
Travel time

1 h

Recommended clothing technical clothing
Height 813 meters above sea level



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