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Romantic caves - The cave of discovery

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The route has a low level of difficulty without objective danger or lapillus risk, without tecnical difficulty or bottlenecks, the visiting time is within 3 hours (included the approach)

The shrine of the Madonna della Sciara was a place of worship and was entirely covered from the lava of the eruption in 1669. 

In 1689, among many difficulties, the recovery works of the furniture and the buried pieces of art was made possible thanks to the economic help given by the  Duke of Massa .

Only five years later, on August 18, 1704, at a depth of about 10 m, a small cavity was found where there were the statue of Our Lady of Grace (today called of the "Sciara"), some ampullas, a bell and various coins of that time. The statue was found inside a cave where the ruins of the ancient church were evident and specifically the sixteenth-century lava columns crushed by the enormous weight of the overlying lava flow.

The entrance of the cave is located within the shrine.

Difficulty level


Difference in altitude 5 m
Travel time

technical clothing

Recommended clothing technical clothing
Height 610 meters above sea level



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