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Red mountains

Red mountains Nature

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The caming out of magma in the most terrible eruption (March 1669) destroyed the villages along the way to Catania (included west Catania), and produced a deep rift near Nicolosi, that was named “Monti Rossi” (Red Mountains), “red” like the color of the detritus that formed them. Climbing the mountain was an important stage for those who wanted to see the long road to arrive on the summit of Etna. Here GOETHE celebrated with a poem the Etna landscape, beautiful and horrible at the same time.

On Goethe bicentenary celebration about his journey to Sicily  (1787-1987), a monument of  lava stone was erected  and located at the beginning of the path walked by him.

Difficulty level

E- Excursion level

Difference in altitude 120 m
Travel time

1 h 30 m

Recommended clothing Hiking boots
Height 822 meters above sea level



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